The below lessons can be facilitated virtually,
in groups, or individually by teachers and parents.

Learning Style Graphing


Learning Style Graphing

Students will complete a brief self-assessment based on multiple intelligence learning styles and graph their results to identify their primary learning style.

Belly/Deep Muscle Breathing


Belly / Deep Muscle Breathing

Students will practice deep breathing and muscle relaxation techniques to encourage stress reduction.

Acting out Empathy


Social Awareness

Acting out Empathy

Students will create brief skits based on provided scenarios. Then they will create a conclusion to the skit involving a way to show empathy.

Social Awareness

Defining Service

Students will develop a personal definition of service.

Lost in the Woods

Responsible Decision-Making

Lost in The Woods

Students will choose, prioritize, and justify decisions regarding what supplies to keep and what to leave behind in an imagined emergency situation.

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